New iO Giant Lava Lamp

We are delighted to announce the launch of iO Mathmos’ new giant lava lamp standing at 78cm (2.5ft) tall. After years of development, this fantastic new lamp is on sale now. (We’re doing everything we can to get the next batch ready so you can have them before Christmas, but this means we will temporarily … Continued

* New * POD & POD+ candle powered lava lamps

Our Unique Candle Powered Lava Lamp Range Is Growing Building on the success of Fireflow we have developed two new tea-light powered lava lamps, see below. We have also redesigned all our packaging for the candle powered range making them even more giftable. Take advantage of the 20% discount when you buy more than one. … Continued

FIRST100 Numbered Collectors Editions

Mathmos products have long been collectable. As a reward for those quickest off the mark, we will be numbering the First100 products sold of every new product launched. We will be keeping No.1 for our archive, the rest will be first come first served at the regular price. We will also be running competitions on … Continued

Mathmos at Second Home Co Working

We really enjoyed styling a photoshoot at Second Home in London Fields. Second Home is a contemporary office space that has wonderful buildings in London, LA and Lisbon for creative co-working. The recently opened London Fields branch is designed by Spanish Architects Cano Lasso, we think it is the perfect setting for Mathmos lava lamps.The … Continued

Mathmos Lava Lamp Wall

Mathmos lava lamp walls are an effective way to make an impact in a public space like this one, featured in Jimmy’s music venue and bar in Liverpool, using the Neo wall – available in silver, copper or white. We custom sprayed these 50 x Neo walls in a matt black paint to match the … Continued

The Moon Landings

This month marks the 50th anniversary of the first moon landings in July 1969. This incredible event inspired people the world over. Musicians like the 1960s British band the Tornadoes to create their hit instrumental ‘Telstar’. Fashion designers like Spanish designer Paco Rabanne who created the outrageous space inspired outfits for the cult classic film, … Continued

Inspired by Lava

Fashion, Tech & Craft are all inspired by lava right now; The new Apple iOS 13 update features new wallpapers that are inspired by lava bubbles in 4 different colour variations. Nike’s react presto ‘Psychedelic Lava’ trainers launched this month and are inspired by the trippy flow of lava lamps, with the orange parts referencing … Continued

Mathmos at the Barbican

Astro in the Barbican The Barbican centre was built between 1965 & 1975. We think this iconic brutalist construction is a great setting for our classic 1963 Mathmos Astro lava lamp. More info/buy Space Projector in the Barbican The Space Projector features in the Squish Space sensory environment for children designed by artist India Harvey … Continued

Upgraded Space Projector

LED Bulb * New * The Space Projector is now fitted with an LED bulb which offers several benefits; it runs brighter (now 230lm lumens), the surface temperature is greatly reduced, the power consumption is halved, the lifetime of the bulb is vastly improved and the new crisp white light shows off the moving liquid … Continued

We believe in pink

Pink “Pink is now having a ‘cool’ phase: It’s hip, it’s androgynous, it’s strong.” Valerie Steele author of “Pink: The History of a Punk, Pretty, Powerful Colour” Did you know?…. “I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when … Continued