November 2021: Mathmos Unveil The Saturn Giant Lava Lamp

Veröffentlicht am 30 Juni 2022 von Mathmos

Mathmos Saturn Giant Lava Lamp

Saturn by Mathmos

The Biggest Production Line Lava Lamp Ever Made
Saturn by inventors of the lava lamp, Mathmos, stands at 1.5m (approx. 5ft) high and works right out of the box.

Mathmos spent years developing a giant lava lamp that you can simply take out of the box, place the bottle on the base and turn on. Order from choosing from a range of 10 colour combinations and within two weeks Saturn will arrive.

Saturn is made entirely in the UK by hand to exacting quality standards. The three legs are laser cut and hand polished. The base and cap are hand spun and polished. The bottle is blown in super clear borosilicate glass, used for chemical vessels. The contents are hand filled to order in the Mathmos factory in Poole. The packaging is made near the Mathmos factory and ensures Saturn passes safely through the usual carrier routes with no need for special deliveries or pallets.

The design of Saturn is rooted in Mathmos’ long heritage. The Princess giant lamp with 3 wooden legs and anodised copper spun metal was made in very limited numbers in the 1960s and required on site filling, unlike Saturn that has a transportable lava liquid formula.

Saturn is made with public and private spaces in mind. It has of course passed the relevant safety standards, it can be attached to the floor, the bottle fits snugly in the base which has a silicone lining and the 14.5 litres of Mathmos lava is positioned at the right height for all ages to enjoy.

Saturn is available from for £2,500.

Contact for high resolution images and further information. See Saturn webpage.